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Rules of publication
Edition of journal «Oil refining and petrochemistry » invites to cooperation of the organi-zation of branch for the publication of articles and accommodation of advertising blocks. Materi-als are published in process of receipt. At will of customers, in case of the extraordinary publica-tion, render paid services under the contract.
To consideration materials in a typewritten and electronic kind are accepted, and in the latter case the material should be accompanied by control listing on a paper (the text and the graphics). The text of article should be printed through two intervals on one side of sheet А4 with numbering pages. The size of the separate publication should not exceed 15 pages, including tables, illustrations and the list of the literature. Presence of the abstract and keywords in Russian and English languages is obligatory.
Special attention we ask to turn on registration of a graphic material, a designation of axes of coordinates and a writing of latin letters. At use of units of measure it is necessary to adhere to the international system of units (SI).
The article must be accompanied by a cover letter, which, in addition to the title of the ar-ticle, should be given FULL NAMES of authors, their places of work, postal addresses, tele-phone/fax numbers and personal signatures of all authors. It is necessary to specify the author with whom edition will negotiate and correspondence regarding publication of the material.
Materials of article can be presented on diskettes 1,4Мb, CD ROM, CD-RW, at signifi-cant volume - in the form of compressed ZIP files. The size of the raster files should be mini-mized. Before sending data, you must make sure that all submissions are normally read from media.
The text is accepted in format MS Word (*.rtf), a graphic part - in vector format Adobe Illustrator (*.eps), raster *.tif with resolution of at least 300 dpi. Fonts in vector images must be converted to curves.
Transfer of materials via email to address info_np_nh@mail.ru
In the body of the e-mail message should indicate the exact name of the uploaded file (files) with the extension, as well as the size of all attached files. In the case of the transfer of a large amount of data needs to be split into multiple messages, with notifying about it.
The materials represented in other kind, are accepted on the conditions stipulated with edition especially.
Edition asks dear authors to consider by preparation of publications, that substantive pro-visions of articles should be accessible to understanding to specialists of oil refining and petro-chemistry, working on different directions and having a different level of training. For this rea-son, and also in order to prevent difficulties at editing, please not complicate and overload mate-rials excessively. You should also keep in mind that you cannot duplicate the data in text, tables and figures. The terminology of article should be common.
Publication of articles in the journal will provide industry professionals with the results of scientific and practical work of your enterprise.

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Изменился телефон редакции. Новый телефон редакции: 8 (495) 690-78-15

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Номер 2/2006 посвящён сорокалетию
Киришского НПЗ.

Дорогие киришане, работники КИНЕФ! Примите от сотрудников редакции журнала «Нефтепереработка и нефтехимия» поздравления по случаю вашего юбилея и благодарность за информационную и моральную поддержку, которая способствует его выдвижению в ряды наиболее читаемых и значимых как в научном, так и прикладном плане отраслевых изданий.

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